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Waterscapes and Ponds
Enhance your lifestyle with the natural beauty of water: waterfalls with or without ponds; koi ponds; natural ponds; wetland plantings; fountains and dry river beds

Professional Lawn Care
Seeding and aeration; power raking; new lawn installation; 
topsoil and grading; lawn repair; organic lawn care

Gardening Maintenance
Planting and transplanting perennials, annuals and bulbs; propagation; weeding, pruning and organic fertilization;
bed preparation

Holiday Lighting
Residential and commercial; interior/exterior lighting; 
pre-lit wreaths, garlands, christmas trees; decorative bows

Design Planting & Site Development 
There are many elements that determine the site and design. For example: soil, drainage, climate and sun exposure. 
Our designs are natural and free-flowing. 

Perennial Gardens
Comprised of sumptuous plant collections collected over time, the perennial garden returns each year to greet you with new life. We select plants according to bloom time, height and color, for a rich canvas throughout the year.  

Rock Gardens
Rock gardens add texture to the landscape. An essential element in any garden, gravel and stone add structure.

Shade Gardens
Beautiful gardens can thrive in the shade. Some of our favorite plants-- fern, hosta, acuba, red twig dogwood, red bud, corylus contorta and cherry laurel-- are shade lovers.

Grass Gardens
Ornamental grasses come in many varieties. Color, fluidity and different textures make this a favorite garden, even in winter.

Every Season Color/Texture Gardens
Every season can have color and texture. Crocus bulbs announce spring, followed by pansies, daffodils and tulips. Heat up the summer with alliums, lilies, cannas and fill in with annuals. Cool it down in the fall with mums, ornamental kale and pansies. 

Container Gardens
Container Gardens are great if you do not have space to plant outdoors or if you want to bring the outside in. The color and textures can be enjoyed all year. Annuals and herbs are great for container gardening.

Bamboo Fencing
Want an alternative to the traditional hedges using arborvitae or privet? Try bamboo and get an exotic look. Quick-growing to 15 or 20 feet, it can be pruned to stay smaller. With proper underground barriers it will grow only where you want it to.